CA2 specializes in providing courts, litigators, and counsel with the confidence that complex legal proceedings will be expertly managed by a knowledgeable, proven, and committed team.

Personal Privacy Class Action


GLGI Gift Program Class Action

Drinking Water Advisories

The multitude of issues that arise in class actions can be daunting. A key priority must be to arrive at an expedient, fair, and equitable resolution across disputing parties.

Our professionals have been retained in many of Canada’s most intricate class-action claims administrations, and we support clients by designing and implementing industry-leading class-action and mass-tort settlements. Our team has extensive experience in claims management, benefit distribution, and in the role of court-appointed Claims Administrator. We also serve as Monitor, providing oversight of defendant-administered settlement agreements and court judgments.

“As we all know, one of the success markers in handling mass claims is dependent upon proper documentation and management of class members. Clearly, under your direction, everything was done exceptionally well.”

Mediator/Arbitrator in a medical related class action

“From the very beginning of this claim, you have provided insightful guidance that ultimately assisted us in bringing this matter to a successful conclusion on behalf of our clients.”

Class Counsel in a data security breach matter