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Please find below the attendee link (public) for all who wish to observe the upcoming hearing for the above-mentioned matter on December 7,8 & 9, 2021 and will commence at 10 AM EST. Please note that the following attendee link is for observers only (https://cas-satj.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_txiwvCLcRciuzO-OXrNVMQ).


First Nations and their members affected by drinking water advisories since November 20, 1995 sued Canada for compensation in two class actions. The representative plaintiff First Nations and their members and Canada have reached a proposed settlement.

If approved by the courts, the proposed settlement would compensate eligible First Nations and their members. Eligible individuals may receive a payment for the years they ordinarily resided on First Nations Lands during a long-term drinking water advisory. It is expected that the per-year amount will vary from approximately $1,300 to $2,000 for eligible years. Additional amounts may be available to eligible individuals who suffered certain specified injuries as a result of using treated or tap water in accordance with a long-term drinking water advisory, or by restricted access to treated or tap water caused by a long-term drinking water advisory.

Each eligible First Nation that accepts the settlement will receive $500,000 plus half the amount paid to eligible individuals who ordinarily resided on that First Nation’s reserve during a long-term drinking water advisory. Additionally, Canada will commit to make reasonable efforts to help ensure that eligible individuals have regular access to safe drinking water in their homes, and Canada will spend at least $6 billion on water and wastewater infrastructure on reserves.

The courts must approve the proposed settlement before there is any money or any other benefit available.

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